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Discussion in 'Search Engines' started by Cancer Care, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Cancer Care

    Cancer Care New Member

    How to get page 1 search engine in 1 or 2 month ?
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  2. Dainyce

    Dainyce New Member

    Oh, that's really a very complicated thing! Too many factors determine it!
    I have been focusing on the rank of Azazie for nearly three months, but it has poor effects. Most of the things I did worked ineffective.
    This needs accumulation of much experience.
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  3. Mohit

    Mohit New Member

    All you have to do is try to build dofollow backlinks...i have been buiding it for my website: and its rank as well as serps has improved...and don't forget that content is the king...keep on posting nice unique articles :)
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  4. Sudhanshu Raghav

    Sudhanshu Raghav New Member

    There are many ways to increase, But I will only tell you top methods:

    1) Make comments on high da (domain authority) sites (with up to 20+ da). Like my blog ""
    2) Write good quality article
    3) Keep you blog/website away from spammy links
    4) Do not let your blog attached to flaged links
    5) Use MOZ Pro Analytics - This will help you to increase your page's da / pr (page rank) (HOT METHOD)
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  5. randiv

    randiv New Member

    I think google does not page rank now days.
  6. Jessica Johansson

    Jessica Johansson New Member

    I agree with you @randiv. Please Explain About What is the future of page rank ??
  7. mkblades

    mkblades New Member

    You need to follow 2 methods in SEO for your website ranking - On page and Off page. Both are interrelated to each other. On page activities means to make the Site SEO friendly and Off page activities includes to make backlinks.

    **On Page activities includes:

    1.Must-have unique content
    2.Updated Meta Title and Meta Tags
    3.Canonical issue
    4.301 redirect
    5.Image alt tags etc.

    **Off page activities include:

    1.Social bookmarking
    2.Blog Submission and commenting
    3.Link Building
    4.Forum Commenting
    6.Local Listing
    7. Drive traffic on site from social media to create a Facebook Fan page including Twitter, Linked In and Google.
  8. npdfpt

    npdfpt New Member

    Got to position 1, you have to do SEO. With methods:
    - Focus your concent
    - Do Social
    - Optimize your website with: load speed site, image
    Last step. you need trafficc from some source as: forum,ads...
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  9. npdfpt

    npdfpt New Member

    i think it is Forum Seeding except for forum comment, guy. .
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  10. tokohonda

    tokohonda New Member

    With many other competitors on the same keywords that would seem difficult to remain on the first page.
    The ranking of my website is always up and down.
  11. aditya bid

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  12. reza elyasi

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  13. fast.abri

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    very hard
  14. Nitin

    Nitin New Member

    i want to increase pagerank of my blogs and all blogs are as follow's

    please tell me the all possibles ways to increase the page ranks of above Blogs.

    i am waiting for the answer's
  15. TechPrevue

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